Biting the Bullet: Starting my Les Mills Qualification

So as some of you may already know, I decided to set myself a goal to get a L2 fitness qualification back in December 2016! Alongside that, I was looking to do a Les Mills qualification, as it would be that much more challenging. I am, of course, not looking to change careers, but am simply looking to challenge myself physically.

As of yesterday, I can happily say that I’ve purchased my training course, and will be embarking on a 3-6 month journey to become fully qualified.

Level 2 Fitness and Les Mills Qualification

Here’s what I’ll be doing:

Level 2 Fitness Qualification

I’m going to be doing a L2 qualification so that if I decide to take on a weekend class or cover one, I can do so at practically any gym. L2 qualifications are often a minimum requirement needed for this sort of thing, so I’m just covering my bases on this one.

Les Mills Qualification: Body Pump Module

I’ll be taking a Body Pump module because this is my absolute favourite Les Mills class (or even gym class) to take. Since I’ve started, I’ve taken 2-3 of these a week. Whilst I was toying with the idea of taking a Body Combat module, Body Pump is still my absolute favourite. There’s also nothing stopping me from taking an additional module in future.

Whilst it has taken me a few months more than I would have liked to get to this stage, I am so excited for the next few months!

I will be pushing myself out of my comfort zone completely. The thought of standing up in front of people and teaching them a fitness class whilst being filmed for my final assessment is extremely daunting. However, I see it as character building and a fantastic experience. The best part of it all is going to be the opportunity to meet a bunch of great new and like-minded people along the way!

If you’re interested in doing a L2 or Les Mills qualification as well, you can find out more here.

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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