Breakfast Club Brunch: London Bridge

I recently went for brunch with an ex-boyfriend, at the Breakfast Club near London Bridge and I have to say I would really recommend going! Okay, some of the menu choices are not the most healthy things to be eating (particularly when you see what was on my plate for this meal), but sometimes cheating is okay!

I hadn’t seen the ex in a while, probably about a year, and it was good to catch up like old friends.

My Meal:

I went for the All American Pancakes, meaning my plate was filled with gorgeously fluffy pancakes, a sausage, streaky bacon, scrambled eggs and roast potatoes, with a side of maple syrup to drizzle on top of the pancakes. The ex had some Huevos al Benny Eggs with chorizo, roast peppers, avocado and a hollandaise sauce. I was a little jealous of his choice, it was a little healthier than mine after all.

Breakfast Club Brunch in London Bridge

But to be good, I went for a nice long gym session afterwards and then just chilled in the Jacuzzi for a bit.

The Menu:

The menu has everything from larger breakfasts like pancakes and eggs royale to sandwiches. You can get your regular teas and coffees, or you can try one of their super fruity smoothies or juices.

The Venue:

The venue is quite quirky and I do wish I had taken a picture of it. Being a small, confined space, I felt ever so slightly claustrophobic as I walked in, however once I sat down and took it all in I felt like I was in someone’s home. The bar is situated in the middle of the room, with a number of tables and booths surrounding it. Above the bar there is a pin board which wraps around the entire bar. On the pin-board are lots of little notes and tips (in currencies from all over the world) from people who wanted to leave tips for waiters or other little memories. All-in-all a very cute space, perhaps not the best place for a romantic date if that’s what you’re after, but definitely good for catching up with the girls on a cold Sunday morning.

The only Flaw:

Unfortunately if you want to get into the Breakfast Club, you’ll need to prepare for a long queue (I was in it for at least 30 minutes). The reason for this? Well, they don’t have a booking system and when the venue is a popular eatery, the queue is just inevitable (but well worth the wait in my opinion).


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