Brunch at All Bar One Waterloo

I was recently given the privilege of attending brunch at All Bar One Waterloo, and being a big fan of All Bar One, I was very much on board with this. I opted for an 11am table booking for my best friend Rosemin, and myself, and we chose the Waterloo location as it is roughly the same distance for both of us to travel.

The Location

Upon entering the establishment I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet and civilised it was. There was jazz music playing in the background, and the lighting was nice and subtle, perfect for a brunch setting. I did have to wait for an acknowledgement for a little while, however the service manner was super friendly.

My friend was, unfortunately, a little late on the day, however the waiter came over and immediately brought some tap water for me when I said I would like to wait for my friend to put in an order. He came to check whether I had changed my mind, which was really great in my opinion, as it was super attentive.

The Food

After waiting for my friend for 20 minutes, I decided to kick-start the brunch with a mimosa, so I ordered a couple of them to ensure they would arrive by the time my friend did:

Mimosa at All Bar One Waterloo

Once my friend arrived, we quickly decided on what we were having to eat. Rosemin had the Boost Breakfast:

Boost Breakfast at All Bar One

I had the Protein Power-up:

All Bar One Waterloo Protein Power-up Brunch

The Service

After we had our food, we decided to stay for a little longer to have a nice little cup of coffee as well.

Americano Coffee at All Bar One

Unfortunately by this point the bar had gotten extremely busy (what with it being shortly after the Queen’s birthday, and the London Marathon happening the next day, London must have been a little overcrowded). This meant that service was a little slow, and our water was literally running back and forth.

He was still really nice, and I did feel a little bad for all of the waiters working on Saturday, as I am assuming that weekends are not usually this busy at that time of day, so I must say service was pretty good.

Overall Impressions

All in all, I thought the food was super delicious, the coffee was great and the mimosas were really refreshing. Service was busy yet as attentive as they possibly could be, and I would certainly recommend paying All Bar One Waterloo a visit for a spot of brunch. Stop by if you are ever near the Southbank wandering around the London Eye or looking to visit the London Aquarium.

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x

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