In keeping with their names, Soft & Gentle deodorants are extremely kind and gentle to the skin. Often, I find it’s competitors to be laced with so much alcohol that it burns and feels uncomfortable. Other times, I find the white powder competitors use, which is used to stop perspiration, ruins my black clothes (quick tip, to get the white traces off of your tops: use a pair of thin black/nude tights and rub the spot – works a treat).

Soft & Gentle Deodorants

Product Descriptions

Hair Minimise

Soft & Gentle Hair Minimise Deodorant

This deodorant promises a 48 hour protection period, with hair-minimising particles which elongate the time to your next shave.

Cool Boost

Soft & Gentle Cool Boost Deodorant

This product promises to keep you protected for 72 hours, with a cooling system which helps to keep you comfortable (particularly during a gym session).


  1. The 2 hr cooling system does work! I felt cool during my gym session, which is a plus.
  2. Both deodorants smell pleasant, with a flowery undertone, and are very subtle. There are a lot of deodorant brands which are quite chemical, but these two are much nicer when sprayed.
  3. There is no alcohol burn when sprayed on freshly-shaved areas.


  1. Even though the cooling system does seem to work, I’m not convinced by the 72 hour protection it claims to have (the same is true for the 48 hr. protection of the Hair Minimiser version). I feel that competitors such as Dove, with their roll-on sticks in particular, work miles better in that department.

Final Conclusions

Of the two Soft & Gentle deodorants, I recommend the cooling system product as a ‘gym only’ option. It will help minimise perspiration during your session (subject to each individual who uses it of course), and so, will make you feel more comfortable.

Regarding the hair minimiser, however, I would not recommend it for everyone. It may work for some people, and it’s certainly worth a go at £2.99 per deodorant (available at Superdrug), but unfortunately for me, this one did not do the job.

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x

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