Last Sunday I spend the day walking to Chiswick with a couple of very good friends. We also had brunch at the Putney Canteen, and coffee at the Kitchen and Pantry in Chiswick (I had lunch here too).

The walk is a fairly long one, and whilst the sun was out it was somewhat cold outside.

Brunch at the Putney Canteen:

For anyone living in or around Putney, I would one hundred percent recommend a stop at the Putney Canteen for brunch. Their banana bread is to die for. In fact it is so good, I’ve decided to do a little tour of London to see where I can find the best banana bread. I want to see if any establishments can out-do the Putney canteen. Any recommendations are more than welcome, I will be reviewing all establishments!

The Putney CanteenBuck's Fizz and Coffee at the Putney Canteen Banana bread at the Putney Canteen

Walking to Chiswick:

After having our delicious brunch, we decided to attempt walking to Chiswick along the Thames. As a treat we thought going for a coffee and some cake would be just the right level of enticement to get us there. With that temptation we made it all the way to Chiswick. Along the way, we found some absolutely beautiful photo opportunities:

Hammersmith Bridge Beautiful Alleyway on the Walk Walking to Chiswick: A Beautiful Door Cute Spots on our Walk to Chiswick Beautiful House on our Walk to Chiswick

The Kitchen and Pantry in Chiswick

After spending close to two hours walking to Chiswick, we checked out a few coffee shops to find somewhere to sit and relax. Sadly everyone else seemed to have the same plans so it took us a little while to find somewhere. We ended up at the Kitchen and Pantry, where all three of us decided we no longer wanted any cake.

I opted for a black Americano and a lunch of avocado, bacon and poached egg on toast, whilst the others opted for just chai lattes.

Coffee at the Chiswick Kitchen & Pantry Lunch at the Chiswick Kitchen and Pantry

Whilst I did enjoy my lunch, it wasn’t the best avocado, bacon and poached egg on toast that I’ve had. I do prefer my bacon to be less fatty, but this is very much a ‘to each their own’ opinion. The coffee, however, was pretty fantastic and I hear the chai lattes are as well!

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x