I was recently given the privilege of attending brunch at All Bar One Waterloo, and being a big fan of All Bar One, I was very much on board with this. I opted for an 11am table booking for my best friend Rosemin, and myself, and we chose the Waterloo location as it is roughly the same distance for both of us to travel.

The Location

Upon entering the establishment I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet and civilised it was. There was jazz music playing in the background, and the lighting was nice and subtle, perfect for a brunch setting. I did have to wait for an acknowledgement for a little while, however the service manner was super friendly.

My friend was, unfortunately, a little late on the day, however the waiter came over and immediately brought some tap water for me when I said I would like to wait for my friend to put in an order. He came to check whether I had changed my mind, which was really great in my opinion, as it was super attentive.

The Food

After waiting for my friend for 20 minutes, I decided to kick-start the brunch with a mimosa, so I ordered a couple of them to ensure they would arrive by the time my friend did:

Mimosa at All Bar One Waterloo

Once my friend arrived, we quickly decided on what we were having to eat. Rosemin had the Boost Breakfast:

Boost Breakfast at All Bar One

I had the Protein Power-up:

All Bar One Waterloo Protein Power-up Brunch

The Service

After we had our food, we decided to stay for a little longer to have a nice little cup of coffee as well.

Americano Coffee at All Bar One

Unfortunately by this point the bar had gotten extremely busy (what with it being shortly after the Queen’s birthday, and the London Marathon happening the next day, London must have been a little overcrowded). This meant that service was a little slow, and our water was literally running back and forth.

He was still really nice, and I did feel a little bad for all of the waiters working on Saturday, as I am assuming that weekends are not usually this busy at that time of day, so I must say service was pretty good.

Overall Impressions

All in all, I thought the food was super delicious, the coffee was great and the mimosas were really refreshing. Service was busy yet as attentive as they possibly could be, and I would certainly recommend paying All Bar One Waterloo a visit for a spot of brunch. Stop by if you are ever near the Southbank wandering around the London Eye or looking to visit the London Aquarium.

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x

Please note, this is a sponsored post.

I recently went for brunch with an ex-boyfriend, at the Breakfast Club near London Bridge and I have to say I would really recommend going! Okay, some of the menu choices are not the most healthy things to be eating (particularly when you see what was on my plate for this meal), but sometimes cheating is okay!

I hadn’t seen the ex in a while, probably about a year, and it was good to catch up like old friends.

My Meal:

I went for the All American Pancakes, meaning my plate was filled with gorgeously fluffy pancakes, a sausage, streaky bacon, scrambled eggs and roast potatoes, with a side of maple syrup to drizzle on top of the pancakes. The ex had some Huevos al Benny Eggs with chorizo, roast peppers, avocado and a hollandaise sauce. I was a little jealous of his choice, it was a little healthier than mine after all.

Breakfast Club Brunch in London Bridge

But to be good, I went for a nice long gym session afterwards and then just chilled in the Jacuzzi for a bit.

The Menu:

The menu has everything from larger breakfasts like pancakes and eggs royale to sandwiches. You can get your regular teas and coffees, or you can try one of their super fruity smoothies or juices.

The Venue:

The venue is quite quirky and I do wish I had taken a picture of it. Being a small, confined space, I felt ever so slightly claustrophobic as I walked in, however once I sat down and took it all in I felt like I was in someone’s home. The bar is situated in the middle of the room, with a number of tables and booths surrounding it. Above the bar there is a pin board which wraps around the entire bar. On the pin-board are lots of little notes and tips (in currencies from all over the world) from people who wanted to leave tips for waiters or other little memories. All-in-all a very cute space, perhaps not the best place for a romantic date if that’s what you’re after, but definitely good for catching up with the girls on a cold Sunday morning.

The only Flaw:

Unfortunately if you want to get into the Breakfast Club, you’ll need to prepare for a long queue (I was in it for at least 30 minutes). The reason for this? Well, they don’t have a booking system and when the venue is a popular eatery, the queue is just inevitable (but well worth the wait in my opinion).

Last weekend I decided to take the boy out to The Meat Co for his birthday. Hey why not, it’s steak after all so a win-win situation! We decided to book dinner for 6.30pm, early enough to get a couple of drinks in after, and late enough to get a quick coffee in beforehand.

The Venue:

Th Meat Co in London (Westfield) is one of only 6 venues worldwide, and boasts both regular and halal menus. The restaurant takes up the top floor, and has a separate room for private functions, whilst the ground floor contains the bar to have pre- or post-dinner cocktails with the girls or your boy, depending on who you are with.

The entire restaurant has no inside walls, but instead is divided by rows of empty wine bottles, stacked on top of each other, which gives the whole restaurant quite a classy feel. The lighting is quite romantic too, as it is what I like to call ‘mood lighting’ meaning fairly dark and atmospheric.

The Dinner:

For dinner Keith ordered a medium rare rib-eye steak (American meat) accompanied by peppercorn sauce and chips on the side. To drink, he opted for a double Glenfiddich Whisky. I opted for a medium rare rib-eye steak (British meat), with creamy mash on the side, and a super yummy vodka and blue cheese sauce to accompany the steak. I opted for a nice glass of South African Bosstok red wine (of course I have forgotten the exact name of it):

The Meat Co Steak

Of course the steak wasn’t enough for my humongous eyes (and unfortunately not so big belly), so I had a gorgeous peanut butter cheesecake for dessert whilst Keith just had a coffee (probably the wiser choice as I felt insanely full after the cake):

The Meat Co Peanut Butter Cheesecake

The cake was, albeit too much, so tasty. It had a nice, thick biscuit base, with an amazing creamy, cheesy peanut butter middle and a super soft (almost caramel-like) topping. To finish off the gorgeous cake, there was a nice light berry garnish on top.

The Verdict:

I have been here before, and I will definitely come here again. The steak is excellent, the wine is great, and the ambiance is pretty romantic for a nice dinner date. I for one would not hesitate in recommending The Meat Co to others, it is definitely worth at least one (if not more) visit.