Last Friday evening my housemate and I decided to venture to the Magic Lantern Festival at Chiswick House and Gardens; currently being displayed to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The festival is continuing until March 6th, and I would seriously recommend going to see this as it is absolutely brilliant!

All of Chiswick Gardens is decked out with intricate and detailed lanterns, from smaller flower or animal type sculptures to humongous dragons, swans and jelly fish. The details used to create these lanterns are absolutely amazing and it made me ask myself: what do the organisers do with these gorgeous lanterns once the festival is over?

The entire walk takes around 75 minutes so if you’re going on a cold night, wrap up warm! This is experience is great for a first (or second or tenth) date, or if you have a family as the lanterns all tie into an animal kingdom theme, meaning there is something for everyone to enjoy.

If you have some time between now and the 6th, book a ticket (adult tickets to the magic lantern festival are £16.64 a piece – a bargain for such an amazing experience if you ask me)!

If you’re still not convinced though, take a look at some of my pictures from the festival and decide for yourself:

Chinese Lantern FestivalChinese LanternChinese LanternsChiswick FestivalChiswick Lantern FestivalChiswick Magic Lantern FestivalDragon Lantern FestivalLantern FestivalMagic Lantern FestivalMagic Lanterns ChisqickMagic LanternsMagical Lantern FestivalMagical Lanterns FestivalPavillion Lantern Festival

After the magic lantern festival, my housemate and I went for a meal at Thai Boys in Chiswick. Another place I’d recommend visiting as the food is amazing. We had a sharing platter to start, with all the usual yummy bits like dumplings, chicken satay, prawn toast and spring rolls. For mains, I had a gorgeous lamb massaman curry with egg fried rice, whilst she had a yummy beef thai green curry with jasmine rice. Of course to top it all off we had the obligatory bottle of rose wine (mild and sweet, just the way I like it).

 As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed! x