When you’re a busy girl like me, living in the big city, you often have to jump from work straight on to a social gathering with your friends. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just doesn’t have the time to wander on home (what with the average London commute being just under an hour), to then get ready, do my hair and makeup all over again and pick the perfect outfit for the evening. No, for me it’s very much a grab a pair of heels and a jacket to dress up my day look kind of job, whilst quickly slapping on an extra bit of lipstick.

Therefore, following on from my recent city chic outfit, I’ve decided to showcase how I sometimes like to dress up my daytime office look and turn it into more of a casual evening look with a pair of heels and a nice jacket.

City chic for the evening Dinner-time outfit Casual Evening Attire Evening Outfit

For this look I chose to dress up my trousers and shirt with a pair of heels and a leather and fabric waterfall jacket (both by Zara). I absolutely adore the jacket as it’s black and can so easily dress up any casual look, whether paired with jeans or simply added to a skater dress. I often like to add a little shoulder or cross-body bag to my outfit to complete the look for the evening; understated and black is definitely the way to go!

Outfit for the Evening

Zara Jacket Details

Evening Outfit: Jacket Details

Michael Kors BagZara evening heels

Evening heels by Zara

Of course I do have my days where I venture on home (especially at the weekend or on early-finish Fridays), and take the time to actually re-do my hair entirely and put on a fresh face full of makeup, and find a smarter outfit for the evening. Sometimes, though, all you need is that elegant pair of heels and the classy yet understated jacket to complete your look for the evening whilst looking effortlessly chic.

Top: New Look | Trousers: Uniqlo | Heels: Zara | Jacket: Zara | Bag: Michael Kors

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