I’ve decided, as part of my new intention to stay accountable and make sure I’m on track with my new, healthy lifestyle, to share todays food diary with you in the form of pictures and ingredients.

Breakfast (215 Calories):

Pre Workout Breakfast

Breakfast consisted of some Fage 0% fat yoghurt (I actually prefer the full fat version but there was none left in the shop and needs must), blueberries, passion fruit, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. For an extra wow factor, add in some dried Goji berries – they’re super tasty and provide some great health benefits!

To drink I had this really tasty, vanilla infused coffee (black). Despite it being instant coffee, it tastes pretty good! If you’re interested in where I got this yummy coffee, you can easily find it here!

Lunch (545 Calories):

Post Workout Lunch

Lunch consisted of some wholemeal free range egg pasta, Passata sauce with added herbs, beef meatballs, spring onion, black olives, topped with chia seeds and roquefort cheese! To drink I like to combine sparkling water with the juice from half a lime – it’s a natural diuretic and tastes good too.

Snack Time ( 260 Calories):

Healthy Mid-afternoon Snack

My snack usually consists of a mix of carbs and healthy fats. Today I opted for a slice of Hovis wholemeal granary toast topped with half a delicious avocado, the other half of my lunchtime lime and a bit of chili, yum!

Dinner ( 410 Calories):

Healthy Salad & Meatball Dinner

Dinner was the low carb version of my lunch, as I am trying not to eat too many starchy foods in any given day. I know the body needs carbs to process protein, however the excess amount of carbs is not necessary, so I choose to have them before dinner, so I am not going to bed on a heavy stomach. On my dinner plate there were meatballs, passata sauce, pumpkin and chia seeds, olives, spinach and rocket lettuce.

So I’ve included calories alongside my meals, and I know most of you will think that things such as sugar intake are a far more important metric to monitor than just calories by themselves. I have to agree whole-heartedly, and I track this alongside my calorie intake every day.

Tip of the day: Stay accountable with a fitness app which has an integrated food diary, exercise log and weight tracker. My favourite has to be Myfitnesspal! It provides the ability to follow and encourage friends, meaning you have support along the way and there is a great sense of community!