I’ve finally begun to settle into my new flat, meaning I’ve been homeware shopping for some cool pieces from the likes of John Lewis and Debenhams.

As with every new home, there is also an aspect of furniture buying and DIY involved, so I was very much in my element. We’ve decided to create a white and black theme in our lounge, however have decorated our sofas with some brightly coloured cushions as well to brighten up the place. We’ll be investing in some trendy, warm throws next month, to provide an extra bit of softness to relax on.

For my room, I bought a number of new things as I had to buy a whole new set of bedding, having moved from a double bed to a king-size. I went a little wild at John Lewis, as a result, buying a duvet, a couple of pillows, a bunch of cushions, a throw, and some duvet cover sets:

Homeware: John Lewis BeddingI’ve also begun looking at what sort of art, photography and other wall hangings I could put up in my room, and have bought a couple of cute little hangings for now. I’ll be buying an additional 8 photographs soon, of cities I have been to and would like to visit. These will be used to decorate some glass panes which look into the corridor of my flat, as the light from the corridor and adjoining rooms can be quite distracting when you’re trying to get to sleep. As a whole, I’m trying to do a combination of cities and little quotes themes around my room, to make it both classy and trendy at the same time.

The main piece for my room will be a big wall hanging or clock on the wall behind my bed, as there is a large space there which could do with being filled with something fancy and big.  I’ve kept the colours in my room quite neutral (mainly whites, browns and light blues), to ensure that there are no clashes going on and my room looks nice and modern.

Lastly, I bought some furniture pieces for my room, namely a dressing table, a chest of drawers and a quirky bookshelf, all in-keeping with my white and wood coloured theme.  I’ve now got a whole lot of storage in my room, meaning there is a place for everything, and I can decorate my room nicely, rather than cluttering it with my possessions.

Homeware: New Bookshelf

The thing I am finding ever so slightly annoying, however, is the fact that neither of my wardrobes currently has a hanging rail. I am in the process of finding a solution for this particular problem, however it is taking me a little while to find the best way around this.

Done any homeware shopping of late? Why not share your purchases or home design advice in the comments section?

As always, thanks for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x