Checking in on my fitness progress

So it has been a while since I’ve posted something for you lovely readers, but I have been busy working on getting into shape, and sticking to my New Year’s resolution. As part of today’s post, it’s time to check in on my fitness progress, and tell you a little more about what I’ve been doing.

When I set my goals back in November, I ended up moving further away from them at first. The Christmas season was full of food and lacking exercise, so I decided to welcome the new year with a resolution (yes, just one resolution): creating a healthier lifestyle for myself.

My progress since November

The one thing that I need to say upfront is that I actually gained 5 extra kilos between November and the end of December, so my progress is actually greater than what you can see below. All-in-all I’ve lost 6.2Kgs since January 1st, and I’ve lost 1% body fat in the past two weeks, giving me the below statistics:

Boditrax Fitness Progress February 2017fitness progress key






I’ve really learned that weight is just a number, and that focusing on body fat mass and percentage is another key metric to getting the right body shape. Not only have I been losing the pounds, but I’ve also been losing the inches off the waistline, so seeing the all-round body result is a great motivator to keep going!

The milestone goals I’ve set

Part of my new years resolution is to set myself milestone goals. I think it’s really important to set smaller milestones to get to your ultimate goal, as these keep you motivated. Some of my goals look like this:

  1. Come down to 85Kgs by January 31st (tick).
  2. Come down to 80Kgs by March 31st (in progress).
  3. Begin a level 2 fitness qualification by June.
  4. Begin a Les Mills qualification once my level 2 qualification has been completed.

What I’ve been doing

I’ve been taking a few classes a week at the gym, and I absolutely love them! Doing exercises that you love is something that a lot of people advise, but I never knew how truly important that is to really sticking with consistent exercise.

My weekly schedule looks like this:

  • Monday: Rest Day
  • Tuesday: Barre
  • Wednesday: Body Combat
  • Thursday: Strength Vinyasa Yoga or Zumba
  • Friday: Barre and Restorative Yin Yoga
  • Saturday: Pilates
  • Sunday: Body Balance

You can see that there is only one real rest day in the above list, but as there is a lot of Yoga and Pilates in my workout schedule at the moment, it isn’t too strenuous. I tend to also take a second rest day when I really need it, as I think giving your body rest when it needs some is very important. As and when my fitness progress begins to plateau, I will start to shake up my schedule and fit in more cardio-based classes.

As always, thanks for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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