Find Your Work & Life Balance

The last few weeks have been pretty busy, not just at work but generally in my life, as I’ve been working to increase my work and life balance. I’ve been going out more, seeing my friends more, and going to the gym 6 days a week; all of that is on top of my usual full-time work week!

As I recently wrote about re-evaluating your career, today I’d like to talk a little about how important it is to have a work & life balance. Don’t get me wrong, my work & life balance is pretty good, but I think it is really important for other people to realise how vital the right balance is.

Work and Life Balance

Find your passion outside of work

I read a quote the other day that talked about how we spend a lot of our time achieving goals at work; essentially achieving someone else’s goals. But what are we doing to achieve our own goals?

Balance in life is key

For the past few weeks, when I’ve been feeling particularly unmotivated to work on my fitness, this phrase has really resonated. We all have busy lives and we all work hard, but we need to find more time to work on our personal goals.

Know when things get too much

This one can be difficult, particularly if you’re not someone who is particularly forward-thinking. Learning to see the signs of things getting too much for you is vital. If you feel unwell a lot of the time, or you are never able to shut off from work, then you need to re-focus on your well-being.

Finding a balance in life

For me, going to the gym helps me really shut myself off from the rest of my life. I walk in feeling stressed and emotional, and I walk out level-headed and in a better frame of mind. You need to find your happy too, to help you stay level-headed and calm.

Find the right balance for you

This is very important. You might have friends who do a 10-hour day at work and then spend the evening working on themselves, meaning they go to bed at 3am. I myself am not one of those people. Sleep is extremely important for my body and my mind. Shorter days at work where possible, and more time to work on myself before 10pm at night works for me.

I also like to get up for the gym some mornings, rather than working out in the evening. But what works for me, and what works for your friends, does not always work for you, so find your balance.

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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