Finding Nemo in Brighton

This weekend I decided to take a short day trip to Brighton with my housemate. We did all the usual things like sitting on the beach, having fish and chips, and walking around the Lanes.

The first thing we did was try to find a good fish & chip shop. After walking around for 30 minutes, we couldn’t find the one that Beccy wanted to go to, so we decided to simply sit outside one of the shops along the beach. Pretty good idea if you ask me, the portion was far too big for me but I just couldn’t get enough of the batter!

Fish & Chips in Brighton

As it was such a lovely day on Sunday, so the beach was pretty busy with families sunbathing and paddling in the water. I have yet to understand the attraction to pebble beaches (because boy do they hurt to walk on), but I did get a good tan.

Brighton BeachView from Brighton Beach

After sitting on the beach and working on our tans for a bit, we decided to venture to the pier and try our luck on some of the games machines. I ended up finding Nemo by winning him on a machine.

Brighton Pier

After my winner’s luck, we decided to explore the Lanes and have a coffee (or in Beccy’s case, ice cream). If you’re ever in Brighton, I would seriously recommend paying a visit to Cloud 9. It’s a cute little cake and ice cream shop (which smells amazing). The shop has super friendly staff, and the coffee is pretty fantastic!

Cloud 9 Cake & Coffee ShopYvie at Cloud 9 Coffee Shop Cloud 9 Coffee Shop Flowers Ice Cream at Cloud 9  Coffee at Cloud 9 in Brighton

Once we finished with our late afternoon break, we continued to explore the lanes and walked over to North Lane to check out all of the little homeware shops.

Photography in the Lanes of Brighton North Lane in Brighton

I will be going back to Brighton to pay those shops another visit soon, as I got some great ideas of little cushions and mugs that I’d like to get for the flat I’ll be renting by myself next year.

As Always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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