Five Months Later…

On this quiet Sunday evening I’ve decided to take some time to write a short yet long overdue post to you, my lovely readers.

After five months of radio-silence, I’ve decided it is finally time to pick up my virtual pen again and write a post. The past five months have been busy work-wise, and life has somewhat gotten in the way of blogging. I’ve had writer’s-block along the way and my motivation to keep this blog going has been somewhat lacking.

Coming back to my blog today, I’ve decided to look at a little overhaul of content and content areas that I have focused on in the past. In the coming few months, I’ll be focusing much more on planning and streamlining my content, and giving you more of what you want to read. I’ll be looking to fully re-launch my blog in early 2018, however between now and then I’ll still be posting.

What has made me decide to do this? I’ve very much missed writing and having a creative outlet for my thoughts. I’ve been focused on work for a few months now (which has certainly paid off), but now it’s time to broaden my focus and move back into writing.

My ultimate goal is still to provide information on my fitness journey, and give advice on fitness and other lifestyle topics.

As always, thanks for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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