Five Things I Learned and Loved in January

It’s that time of the month again, where I’m noting down the five things I learned and loved the previous month. January in particular, was a big month of change for me. From a promotion at work, to moving to a new flat and going on my first date since my breakup last year, everything happened at once.

New Flat

I was served notice for my old flat at the beginning of November last year, and whilst I was slightly panicking about the prospect of having to find a new flat during the Christmas season, I was also feeling super excited about getting out of my gloomy old flat. I had a long look around and even did some viewings whilst my housemate was on holiday during Christmas, however neither of us found something which was suitable.

I ended up setting up a bunch of viewings for a Saturday afternoon, however again, nothing was found. My housemate and I therefore decided to go to a few estate agents to see if any of them had any newer properties in their databases which we had not been informed about via email. This proved to be very fruitful as we ended up finding a gorgeous flat on a quiet suburban road, 10 minutes from where my old flat is situated. My new flat has high ceilings, a lot of windows (meaning it’s very bright), and wooden floors. The bathroom is super modern and has a bath in it, and the best part is, the bed in my room is King-size with a shoe rack at the back, which extends outwards (pictures to follow soon).

Both my housemate and I have a very specific and similar vision of how we’d like to decorate the flat, and we are both super excited to go shopping for homeware and decoration pieces to improve the look and feel of our flat.

Promotion at Work

I have not been at my company for a long time (just over 10 months as I am writing this), however I have enjoyed every minute of my job as it is both challenging yet fun for me at the same time. I’ve met some really nice people and been given some great projects to work on. I was told a few months ago that my hard work (to date) had paid off and I was going to be promoted. The promotion came into effect in January, and whilst it has been a lot more hard work, I’m feeling even more challenged (despite the occasional stressful moment) am enjoying work even more now.

Starting with BBG

I had of course had a New Year’s resolution of keeping up with my healthy lifestyle, and as you will have read recently, I began working out with the Kayla Itsines BBG guides which work a number of different body parts and incorporate resistance training, HIIT and LISS. The workouts have proven super challenging on some days, as they are circuit based, however I really feel like I am making a difference to my body one day at a time. My best friend came to visit me the other day and mentioned she could see the difference, saying it was working for me (which made me feel super happy).

I am about to continue week 3 (I have had a week off due to moving, however as I’ve been moving a lot of things by foot I’ve still kept fit pretty much every day of the week that I’ve had off). Progress pictures will be taken on Wednesday, and I cannot wait to look at the comparison between the two pictures to see how I’ve done and how far I have yet to go on my journey.

As I’ve now moved into my new flat, I also feel a lot more excited about cooking more (especially because I’ve moved further away from the high street and its pubs, restaurants and fast food chains). I am finding that I am walking more every day (1 hour total), as the train/tube stations are further away. I am also getting an earlier start to the day, because the train stations are further away and because I have found that starting slightly earlier gives me more time to have my morning tea to wake me up before getting on a packed train. I am getting into work feeling a lot more relaxed and put together, which is great.

January Competition

I also ran my first giveaway (congrats to Amy who won this!), which entailed winning a complete H&M sportswear outfit. If you would like to be in with a chance of winning something in the future, watch this space as there is a lot more coming your way soon!

My first date since October

So here’s the big one: I went on my first date since my breakup in October and I can safely say, I was not ready. The guy was perfectly nice (albeit not my type), but the whole thing just reminded me of the ex. I therefore decided that me and my happiness are far more important at the moment. I’m going to continue focusing on my new flat, my job and of course my body for the time being. The man will come when I’m happy with myself after all!

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