Five Things I Learned and Loved in November

So it has been a while since I’ve published a ‘Five Things I Learned and Loved” post, but there are quite a few things I’ve learned and loved in November which I thought worthy of sharing:

Moving on from my Relationship & Embracing Singledom

After the breakup with my ex boyfriend, I had been moping about for a few weeks because, of course, it’s not an easy situation. It has, however, provided some great opportunities for me because I now don’t have to worry about wanting to be single when I move into my own flat. Whilst I have pushed this back for a while, I know that when I am ready to take that step I will most likely be single because I am not in the frame of mind to be dating right now. I would just like to use 2016 (at the very least) for me. I have a number of goals to achieve and I will be able to achieve them best when I don’t need to worry about ‘the other half’ and how this will affect things with him. I see this as an opportunity, rather than a setback.

Florence Booked

As part of the whole ’embracing singledom’ chapter in my life, I’ve decided to book a holiday for just myself. I have always felt self-conscious about doing things alone, like eating alone, going to the cinema alone and, of course, going on holiday alone. I’ve decided to nip it in the bud and just go on this holiday by myself. I won’t have to keep to anyone else’s schedule, I can rest and relax whenever I want to and I can explore whatever I want to. I’ve decided, as part of this, to take a number of trips to Italy over the next few years, as I am planning on one day buying a house there, so exploring the area and learning about the culture will help me decide exactly where I would like to buy my house and retire too when the time comes.

Christmas Season

Of course the next biggest thing is the fact that it is Christmas season. The Coca Cola advert has been aired on TV, and the decorations have begun selling in stores. And best of all, as I’m writing this post, it is already December, and so, the month of Christmas!

I have to say, I’m not usually one to get this excited about Christmas but, because it’s the first year where I’m not overly worried about where my money is going, I can spend a bit and just enjoy my time without worrying about the months to come.

I’ve been super organised and have already bought all of my sister’s presents. This just leaves my mom and a couple of friends to get things for. I’ve also decided to create a little challenge for my sister and I because each year, we have a £10 challenge where we spend a couple of hours running around a few shops to find a gift for under £10 on Christmas Eve. This year, however, I’ve changed it to a £20 challenge, and have bought stockings for each one of us. The challenge is to fill up the stockings with as many little things as possible for the £20. I love these challenges because they provide an extra little something and they’re a fun time to spend Christmas Eve afternoon.

Black Friday & Retail Therapy

As part of my post-breakup blues, I have been spending a lot of money not just on Christmas, but on a number of things I’ve wanted to buy for myself which I just always thought I didn’t want to expense just yet. But because I’m not moving into a flat by myself for a little while I thought, why not?! So here’s the list of things I’ve bought recently:

Beats by dr. Dre

5 Things I Learned & Loved: Beats by Dre Headphones

Michael Kors Bag (which is yet to arrive)

Miachel Kors Dress

Adidas Superstars

5 Things I Learned & Loved: Adidas Superstar Trainers

My Trip to Florence

Jimmy Choo Perfume

5 Things I Learned & Loved: Jimmy Choo Perfume

GNC Fitness Stock-up

5 Things I Learned & Loved: Protein & Sports Nutrition

Philips Lumea

5 Things I Learned & Loved: Philips Lumea IPL

Discovering Graze & Bulletproof Coffee

Lastly on my list of the five things I learned and loved in November is discovering new food/drink.

Graze Snacks:

People have been telling me about these for some time and my sister gave me a code to get my 1st, 5th and 10th box for free so I finally bit the bullet and subscribed for a weekly box. So far I’ve been sent two boxes and I have to say they’re pretty great. At 4 snacks per box they make a great alternative to the otherwise standard and mundane snacks I get at work. On top of that they’re super healthy (at least the protein boxes are, which is what I’ve chosen for delivery for the time being).

Bulletproof Coffee:

I grabbed one of these on my way to work the other day, as I went past the little Black Sheep Coffee stall next to Aldgate East station. I must say I was pretty wired for about 3 hours as the coconut oil in the coffee provides a much slower energy release, which is fantastic when you’ve been up for a while and you’re starting to crash. I had a large one of these but I think a small would have definitely sufficed in this instance. I would recommend it to anyone who has a Black Sheep Coffee Shop near them or is going to be in close proximity of one any time soon. Definitely worth the £4.50 I spent on it!


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