Five Things I Learned and Loved in February

It’s that time of the month again, where I share with you the five things I learned and loved the month before. This past month has been particularly busy, and there were more than five things which I learned and loved, however I have picked my top five to share with you all.

Homeware Shopping

As you already know, due to moving house recently, I’ve been doing a lot of homeware shopping! I’m taking a whole lot of pride in my new home, to make it look nice and elegant and, of course, grown up! To start off, I got some cute little wall hangings with sayings on them (I am looking to get a couple more):

5 Things I Learned & Loved in February: Wall Hanging

I also got some black, embossed and sparkly wall-paper to fill the glass panes looking out onto the corridor in our flat. These will later be covered with some gorgeous pictures of nice cities I have been (and also want to go) to.

Unfortunately, due to a little incident, one of my homeware orders (including my dressing table and chest of drawers), was delayed, meaning I won’t get this until next weekend! Despite it all being a little frustrating, I can cope for now, and have built my new bookshelf instead, to at least put away some more things.

The Chinese Magical Lantern Festival

In addition to the copious amounts of homewhare shopping done in February, I went to this awesome festival at Chiswick House and Gardens a couple of weeks ago, on a Friday evening. It is called the Chinese Magical Lantern Festival, and stretches across the garden grounds for a total of a 75 minute walk. Unfortunately, today is the last day to attend, and I imagine it is already sold out, but should the opportunity ever arise again, tickets are only £16.64 for adults, and it was totally worth it.

The park was decked out in humongous lanterns, with an animal kingdom and Chinese New Year theme, and everything looked absolutely magical. Not sure whether to believe me? See for yourselves:

Chinese Lantern: Poinsettia Flower Chinese Lantern Festival: Elephants Lantern Festival Chiswick


My housemate and I decided to have a house-warming party (just a little get-together), a couple of weeks ago, to celebrate our new flat. We had a small group of people around (my housemate’s friends, as none of mine could make it, unfortunately), and it was all very nice and civilised with lots of Gin & Tonics, and Prosecco. We decided to splurge on a £28 bottle of Sipsmith Dry Gin, which was totally worth it as you could easily drink it straight! All in all, I had a good time drinking far too much and chatting lots, and I met some lovely new people.

Polar Watch

I made a number of purchases last month, one of which was a new Polar Watch! I’d been toying around with buying a sports watch for some time, as I really needed the motivation to get back into gear and exercise after moving house, as I hadn’t been to the gym since before then. The Polar watch is absolutely brilliant as it helps me track all of my exercise and keep tabs on whether I’ve done enough for the day (so I can ramp it up if I see that I’ve not reached my goal). It alerts me when I’ve been sitting down for too long, meaning I can make sure I get up as frequently as I need to, to stay healthy. Best of all, it syncs up with an App on my phone to track all of my exercise (and even sleeping) patterns.

The one down-side I am finding, however, is that it will not sync with myfitnesspal on Android, which is a real shame as Android has a much larger market share than Apple (with which it does sync). Luckily I do have an old iPhone, so I may consider syncing everything up with that if I do decide to take things a step further.

For now, the watch is motivating me to do more exercise, and once I’ve gotten over my current bout of flu, I will be getting back on the BBG training, to get nice and healthy and avoid future flus as much as possible!

Pancake Day

Pancake day is always a super exciting day, as I get to stuff my face with lots of sugary goodness. This year I decided, however, that Pancake Day was going to be the last day before Easter, that I would be allowed to eat refined sugars. Okay, so this does come with a few caveats, as I am allowed to eat (all within reason, of course):

  • Protein Bars
  • Dark Chocolate

However bar the two above caveats, I have managed not to eat the following for the past few weeks:

  • Ice Cream (aside from the homemade, non-sugar kind)
  • Cakes
  • Sweets & Candy
  • Milk Chocolate

I am super proud of the progress I’ve made, and despite a number of people trying to entice me, I have not caved. I even feel better for it (aside from the flu I’m currently battling of course). I’ve had less (in fact almost no) pain during my monthlies, I’ve felt more energetic and I’ve even lost some weight due to both giving up sugar and investing in my Polar watch.

All In all, February has been a super great investment in myself and my new body, and I very much hope to keep this up!

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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