Five Things I Learned and Loved in September

As part of my way of staying accountable, I thought I would share a monthly series of posts with you all, about the 5 things I learned and loved the month before. I encourage you to share the things you learned and loved in the comments.

Baking a cake for my man

I’ve not done a lot of baking in my life, especially not from scratch, so you can imagine my apprehension of baking a birthday cake for my man. I decided, therefore, to do a practice run the week before, and sneakily asked him a few questions to find out what his favourite cake would be. I was told he loves chocolate, so I scoured the internet for the perfect chocolate cake recipe, and of course made it with my own take. You can read about my experience and find the recipe here. What started off as being a chocolate mousse cake recipe, ended up being the fudgiest, most moist cake I’ve tasted in a very long time, so I was pretty chuffed with my efforts. I’m hoping now, that my cake will turn out just as well when I make it for my man on Saturday.

Mastering a poached egg

So I know this might sound like a silly one, but along with the above, it’s a start towards expanding my cullinary skills and becoming more experimental in the kitchen. I absolutely love to bake and cook, as it soothes and relaxes me. I am a huge foodie and my favourite places to destress are definitely the gym and the kitchen. The benefits of both are of course, the rewards and the compliments after a job well done.

I decided to start practicing poached eggs and, of course, the first couple turned out quite badly (picture the yolk landing next to the egg white, rather than in the middle of it – see picture, bottom right). However the third attempt was pretty good (despite breaking it during the transfer from kitchen towel to my toast). I do very much believe that practice makes perfect, so I will keep trying until I can poach an egg with my eyes closed! Plus they do taste pretty amazing, when you cook them just right and get that amazingly runny yolk coming out after breaking the surface, just heaven:

Perfecting Poached Eggs

If you want to learn the perfect egg poaching technique, have a look at this video. I would say that cooking time massively depends on your hop settings of course, whilst the gentleman in the video says 3 minutes, mine actually only cooks for 2 minutes 40 seconds and is of perfect consistency, so do play around with time to perfect your egg.

My week off

It has been a long time since I’ve had a week all to myself (almost 7 months to be exact), so I thought taking a week off work to relax and completely switch off from work was just the thing I needed to relax and get some motivation back into my life. I’ve spent some time at the gym, relaxed with the boyfriend, and relaxed infront of the TV a lot of the time as well. Now I can’t wait to get back to work.

Changing my gym membership

I have been toying with this idea for some time, however the transfer fees have always put me off a little bit, they are quite steep when considering that the membership upgrade would be quite an increase as well. I decided, however, to try my luck and contact Virgin Active to see if they would be willing to wave said transfer fee. I can now happily confirm that I got rather lucky, and the kind Classic Clubs general manager agreed to wave the fee for me, meaning I was more than happy to upgrade my gym membership to the Virgin Active Classic Clubs collection. I cannot wait to start using my membership (from October 1st). I have accessed a classic club  couple of times, and I have to say these are some luxurious, great gyms to work out in. I know some people think it’s not worth the money, but I feel it is well worth the investment, especially because a more expensive membership motivates me to access the gym more often, as the thought of paying that amount of money for it to just sit there makes me feel uneasy!

Starting this blog

I have made a few attempts at blogging, however they have always been under pen names, so I found it quite hard to a) stay motivated and b) stay accountable for my actions. It is far easier to write a blog which people you actually know can access, because they will motivate you to update it. I can write about anything that interests me, and I can ask for opinions on my posts from my friends, to improve it further down the line, so it’s absolutely perfect to keep me going.

I felt that I needed to become more accountable for a healthy lifestyle, because I do really want to make a change for a healthier life (with occasional indulgences of course), however I just lacked the motivation because I wasn’t logging my journey. Now on the other hand, I have a place to log my process and my difficulties and progress along the way, so I am a lot more motivated to stick to it.

I’d recommend setting up a log to document progress to anyone who wants to make a change in their life, be it a new hobby, or like me, a change for a healthier lifestyle. This is the way forward to staying motivated.

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