Five Things I Learned and Loved in December

It has been a while since I’ve posted (again), but work has been crazy busy (in a very good way) since the start of the new year.  It’s a little late this month, but it is time to reflect on last month’s activities and note down the five things I learned and loved in December:

Lifestyle Check-In

I decided to get back onto my routine a week before New Year’s because my resolution of ‘start a healthy lifestyle’ never works well for me. I wanted to make it a ‘continue the healthy lifestyle’ resolution instead. It went really well up until this past weekend, where I made some bad choices and ate too much bad food. I’ve now had three ‘rest’ days from the gym and can feel myself getting agitated and bloated. I know I need to put a stop to this and get back to my routine (especially since my Florence holiday is coming up in May). As a result, I’ve taken action and booked my first ever Body Pump class for Saturday morning. Part of my resolution was to make new friends by joining a fitness class after all, and joining this class will help increase my motivation, by working out with other people. I’m super excited and will of course update you all on how it went, after.


Christmas was fun! It was so relaxed because it was just my sister and myself in my flat here in London. We did the typical Christmas thing of doing far too little exercise and eating far too much food. I took her to Byron Burger for a Skinny Burger (yum), and we went to Whole Foods in Kensington (grabbing some Ben’s Cookies on our way home of course). I’m glad my Christmas was not a stressful one, as I heard a number of stories when I got back to work, of people needing to travel to see lots of family etc. I like a laid back Christmas where you just enjoy people’s company and eat too much food!

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve 2015 was uneventful yet fun at the same time. I spent the evening drinking far too much Champagne and Prosecco with my best friend, whilst eating pizza and watching all of the Minions films (hey, if New Year’s Eve isn’t a cheat day, then when is?) I’m glad I didn’t join the crows milling around at Southbank to watch the fireworks as it was far too cold and I don’t do too well in large crowds either (it makes me claustrophobic). I did think it would be a great idea to get a hotel room with a view overlooking that particular part of the river next year, but as luck would have it, everyone else seems to have had the same brilliant idea, meaning everything is sold out. Maybe in 2017 then!

Beginning the New Flat Search

Unfortunately towards the end of last year, my housemates and I were informed that we would need to move out of our flat by early February 2016. Whilst this was much to my annoyance at the time, I have begun the flat search and can safely say, I will need to spend a little more on rent, but I will find somewhere much nicer to live, without having to move away from the area I am currently in. I’m super excited about the prospect of moving in less than a month’s time, because it provides another fresh start for me.

January Give-Away Plan

I will be doing a giveaway for a complete H&M Sportswear outfit very soon (in January), which I’ve been planning for a little while. More details will be provided on my Twitter Account (@coffeeguarantee), so watch out for any further announcements on there! If you do miss January’s give-away, not to worry! I have a number of things planned which you will be able to get involved in throughout the next year. 2016 is going to be exciting!

*** Watch This Space ***


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