Joining Kayla Itsines’s BBG Community

I recently decided to finally give the whole Kayla Itsines BBG craze a go, and went ahead and bought both the nutrition and first workout guide (I have an android phone so no access to the app).

So far on my health and fitness journey, I’ve had issues sticking to my exercise routine as I’ve always been really bad at planning my exercise before going to the gym, meaning I’d do the same or very similar routines over and over which, we all know, is not the best idea.

I had been toying with buying the BBG guides for a while, and I kept reading reviews, looking at Kayla’s Social Media communities, and seeing what other people thought. The best push towards buying the guides, however, was when one of my friends told me she had bought the BBG guide (without the nutrition guide) and had done a couple of days worth of the resistance training so far. She said it was amazing and gave her a fast yet really effective workout. I decided then and there that I needed to try this. So far I’ve done two resistance training sessions, one HIIT session and one LISS session.

After both resistance sessions and the HIIT session I could feel my muscles ache and (because I’m recovering from a cough) my lungs burn. It may sound crazy but I thrive off of muscle pain sometimes, it makes me feel like I’ve had a really good workout. Saying that, I am fully aware that I will not always have said muscle pains, but it is great to get it once in a while and feel reassured that what I am doing is working.

I have not yet started on my way through the nutrition guide, however my eating habits have remained quite bad over the past week, so I will begin following it soon to see how I can boost improvements on my body through both Kayla’s exercise AND healthy eating guides.

In addition to Kayla’s BBG guides, I am giving myself one day where I will take a gym class (be it Body Pump, Yoga or something completely different), to make sure I keep up the variety. These kinds of classes fit in well with Kayla’s guides as they are either HIIT, resistance training or LISS based and do not defer too far from the BBG guides.

To track my progress, I’ve taken my starting weight, and progress pictures (front and side view), and will be logging my weight every 2 weeks whilst taking progress picture updates every 4 weeks. I know I’m still trying to get into my routine and stick to it, but staying accountable is very much part of this process.  In fact, I have a friend whom I’ve discussed the BBG guides with as well, and who has also decided to buy them. This is perfect for me in terms of tracking progress and keeping at it as I have a friend I can make comparisons with (and struggle with).

Additionally, I’ve bought a really cute (and small) workout diary, wherein I plan what sort of session (resistance, HIIT, or LISS) I will be doing. I try to plan this 2-3 weeks in advance so I don’t have to worry about it later on. I’d advise anyone to do this as sometimes, after a long day at work (or first thing in the morning), the last thing you want to think about is what sort of training you need to be doing.

Have you tried Kayla Itsines’s BBG guides? Any thoughts, feedback or even advice would be greatly appreciated so please make use of the comment section below!


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