Organising Your Life

Easter is over and with that, a quarter of 2016 has gone as well. I feel like my life is running away, so I thought I’d write a little something on organising your life this week, as I’m currently at the stage where I don’t always have a lot of time (or motivation) to do everything I want to do, so I thought some organisation would come in handy.

First off, I would recommend getting a planner to organise your days a little better. I have two, one for work and one for my blog and they are incredibly helpful little reminders of tasks I need to be getting on with. It is so easy to add in timings and deadlines in one place, to ensure you are always on top of things and you don’t forget things like your down-time either. Below is a list of things which could be added to a planner, to organise your life a little better:


Organise Your Life by Planning

This one is a tough one for me, as I’m often bogged down with work, or trying to fit a million things into one day at the weekend, meaning I need another day just to catch up on my relaxation time. I’m not sure about you, but I often find that the last thing I want to do when I come home at night is start my MacBook Air just to start working on another venture.

But how would it feel if I had actively planned this into my day? What if I put an hour’s worth of a time-slot for blogging into my diary, to train my mind that this is something I need to be doing? Be it an hour or planning and researching or an hour of actual writing, an hour a day is not a lot of time to be spending on working on a blog, but you can get a lot done with it. When you set your mind to it, it does actually work.

For me, the best time is either on my lunch break, or on my way home from work (or even the minute I get home). Why, you ask? Well, because my brain is already in work-mode, I’m already spending my day working away so my motivation levels are at their highest during these times. Obviously this doesn’t work for everyone, and you might find getting up an hour earlier a few days a week may be just what you need to do to get things going, so try out a few things to find out what’s best for you. The only thing you need to do is plan in that hour.


Often this can be a difficult one for me too. I find going to the gym (or generally exercising) in the mornings works best for me because I don’t have that feeling of dread coming on throughout the day. The issue I do have, however, is that I often can’t get out of bed to go to the gym on week-days. That one does come with time, as you do get used to a routine, so it is very much a case of sticking to your routine.

I would say plan an hour into your day for exercise, and do this for 3-5 days a week. You’ll soon begin to realise, that all those small stresses and irritations begin to fall by the wayside as you get all of those negative feelings out during exercise. Even better, you’ll have a lot more energy during the day to get your work done, and you will feel motivated to do so much more.


I often de-prioritise errands, as I think I’ve always got tomorrow to get things done. This can go from my weekly food shop to posting letters and more. Unfortunately, when doing this, you do tend to fall into a trap. Not doing your weekly food shop causes danger in terms of buying food ¬†which is bad for you (albeit quick to make). Additionally, I haven’t posted my mother’s Christmas present and it is almost April.

Setting an hour or two aside every week, just to get all of those errands done and out of the way will help de-clutter your life as well as your mind, as you will be able to tick off some boxes and feel a lot more relaxed about all those little ‘must do’ tasks which are often so easy to push aside.


Much like food shopping, this also includes clothes, homeware and more. For me, shopping in general is a de-stressing activity as it involves a lot of walking. Sometimes we forget to treat ourselves during a particularly stressful week, and this is the perfect way to get both some exercise and a few new things for the home (or yourself in general).


Much like forgetting to treat ourselves, we also often forget that we do need some down-time to recharge. Taking 30 minutes a day to do a bit of yoga can really help rid you of that extra bit of stress which your mind is hanging on to.

Laying down in a darkened room and just watching your favourite TV program can often do the trick as well. It is essential to have that little bit of down-time after work to shut off from work and relax.

Educating Your Mind

In my opinion, a big part of organising your life is to constantly strive to educate yourself. Be it on fashion through magazines or on your career through a book, there are a myriad of ways to always continue educating yourself, but finding the time to do so can prove a little more tricky. I would advise using a designated time-slot for this. Be it on your morning commute, or whilst you’re sitting at home having breakfast. Even if it’s just a 30 minute read of the newest addition to your reading list, everyone has little nuggets of time during which they could be reading a little.

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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