Review: The Polar A300 Fitness & Activity Tracker

Often I ask myself, what can I do to increase my motivation to exercise? What can I do to make myself go to the gym more often, or what can I do to motivate myself to continue eating healthily?

So I did it! I bought the Polar A300 Fitness & Activity Tracker and have been religiously wearing it for the past couple of weeks. Okay so I’ve told you this bit of information before, but see my full review of the product below:


Overall, this is a clunkier version of a fitness monitor, much more obvious than a FitBit. There are pros and cons to this design, pros being that it’s comfortable to wear, and has a nice big screen for you to read. Cons, however, are that it’s quite heavy and can get irritating at times, particularly when you’re trying to sleep, so it will take some getting used to.

I’ve got a white Polar A300, however they do come in a myriad of different colours, so if you want to go for something a little bolder, there’s plenty for you to choose from!


Generally, the functionality of this Fitness tracker is quite good. The product tracks activity levels throughout the day, as well as your sleep pattern at night, and there is the great option to sync it up to the Polar Flow app on your mobile, so you can have a report on you all day every day (all you need to do is sync the devices via Bluetooth):

Whenever you complete a specific exercise, you can record your progress and specifically track the number of calories you burned during this exercise. This is great for knowing exactly what you did at the gym (for example), and how effective you did it:

Polar A300 Fitness & Activity Tracker

As you can see my session was not overly effective on Sunday, however you’ll see in the cons section, why that is!

The Cons

Whilst the fitness tracker is excellent for whole-body exercises and arm movements, it will not perfectly track movements which only include your legs, as the watch only tracks wrist movements. This means that when you’re on the stepper (for instance), and you are holding onto the hand rails, the watch will not fully track your movements. Ways around this? Let go of the rails! The extra need to balance, as well as the added arm movements, will increase the number of calories you have burned.

Another con is the rubber band that comes with the watch. Particularly when you sleep, this can be uncomfortable and cause pins and needles in your arm in the morning. In my opinion this is all part of the process of getting used to the watch, so this is a minor issue.

Overall Impressions

Whilst it is a little on the heavy (and sometimes uncomfortable) side, I still believe the Polar A300 Fitness & Activity Tracker is the perfect accessory for motivating you to do more and to do better. With such an easy sync option, you can monitor your progress day in and day out with the Polar Flow app, and easily discover ways to up your game with the Polar Beat app, an app which is designed to help you reach your goals!

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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