Staying Healthy During Business Travel

When I started my new job, I knew there would be regular business travel involved. Of course everybody knows: with regular travel, come regular snacking and large meals. So here’s my advice on staying healthy during business travel:

Choose your meals sensibly


Make use of the fruit and yoghurt station at the breakfast buffet, and don’t forget some boiled or poached eggs! Try not to opt for scrambled; these are often fried in excess fat or have milk added to them. With the yogurt, it’s best to opt for plain greek as it doesn’t contain huge amounts of sugar like fruit yogurts tend to.


Often, people have a habit of skipping lunch because they’re in meetings or simply too busy to remember. Try not to fall into that trap yourself, and opt for something healthy. A nice big salad with some lean meat or eggs for protein will do the trick. Otherwise a well balanced meal with the right macronutrient split can also do the trick (more info on macronutrients can be found here and here).


Often, my dinner will take place at an airport (particularly on days where I travel home late). Most airports have smaller cafes which offer sandwiches, but you’d be surprised at how many calories these can incur. If you’re on a calorie-controlled diet, opt for a restaurant which serves salads or lean meats like chicken (often these are situated before security, so try to get to the airport early when you can).

Itsu at Heathrow Airport (After Security)

If you’re out for dinner with a client or a colleague, that plate of creamy pasta might look fantastic, but will it fit into your macronutrients (or your calorie limit)? It is best to go for something simple, which doesn’t have a creamy, dairy heavy sauce.

Itsu Thai Chicken: Staying Healthy when Travelling

In-flight Snacks

BA offers dried fruit and nuts. Sounds healthy right? Wrong! You’re almost better off with a packet of crisps because the sugar amounts on the fruit and nuts are phenomenal! Your best option is, of course, to not indulge in those snacks in the first place, or to bring your own.

Don’t skip the exercise

I often find myself lacking ambition to work out when I’m away on business. I’m either too tired, or the room isn’t big enough, or I just want to relax.

The body coach, however, has a great YouTube channel full of exercise videos which can be done in the smallest of hotel rooms! They last around 20 minutes and are great for days where you don’t have much time but really need to get a workout in.

One last thing

Skip the booze. Those complimentary drinks on flights, and the wine at business dinners are not worth the hassle. If at the end of the day you really must indulge in one, a slim gin & tonic is your best bet.

As always, thank you for reading Coffee Guaranteed. x


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