Welcome to Coffee Guaranteed

Hello all and welcome to Coffee Guaranteed, a new lifestyle project I’ve decided to set up to become more accountable for my style of living.

You see, it’s become very clear to me recently, that my lifestyle choices over the past couple of years have left me feeling down and unhappy with the way I look and sometimes even feel. Essentially, I am finally able to admit that I’ve let myself go a little bit. Gone are the days of health, fitness and routine gym visits. My life consists of work, eat, sleep, repeat.

But that is all about to change, I have decided to become accountable for my pitfalls, and to make a change in my lifestyle. I have decided to get back on track and reach that goal of fitness and wellbeing, which is why I’ve decided to set up this blog.

This will be a documentation of my progress, an outlet for my feelings, and of course a place where I will be real and share even the downfalls that I am sure to have along the way.

I have promised myself to live by a new motto: Be the best you!

So let the journey begin!


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